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Besides winter tyres, fully functional, correctly adjusted motor vehicle lights are the most important factors for good and accident-free driving in the dark, winter season. For this reason, the Deutsche Verkehrswacht (German Road Safety Authority) and the German Association of Motor Trades (ZDK – Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe) conduct free light tests every autumn, during which motorists can have their lighting systems checked in the workshops of the motor vehicle guilds. Several million vehicle lights are checked – with results that are worth pondering.

In 2021, for example, it was found that one in four cars has defective car lights, because reversing lights, for example, are often damaged during small parking mishaps or the contacts of the licence plate lights are corroded. Yet these defects can usually be repaired quite easily and inexpensively with good value replacement parts. Dealers and workshops should therefore think ahead and stock up. By the way, AIC has recently added the following original OLSA spare parts to its range: auxiliary brake light (72395), licence plate light (72339), combination taillight (72321), exterior mirror indicator (72182), reversing light (72366), indicator light (72125), rear fog light (72354), relector (72393) and much more. A look at the spare parts catalogue or the AIC website is always worthwhile.

Various lighting components from the original manufacturer OLSA


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