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Don’t be a drip

The culprit is often a leaking oil sump drain plug. Depending on the type, it should either be replaced completely with an integrated seal or integrated sealing ring or at least the sealing ring should be exchanged at every oil change.

OLSA – Quite literally: brand communication

With immediate effect, we are also feeding OLSA brand data directly into the TecDoc Catalogue for the aftermarket under channel number 7362.

Can’t get the door shut!

The grit applied to roads and paths in winter has left its mark on and inside the vehicle. Particularly affected by the dirt: the entry zones. In cars, the footwell and doors can still be easily cleaned. But things often look a little different for vans with sliding doors.

Always picking on the little ones

The report, which was published at the end of September last year, shows that the situation is particularly bad for vans, which make up the largest proportion of commercial vehicles in terms of numbers. According to Dr. Joachim Bühler, Managing Director of the German TÜV Association (TÜV-Verband e. V.), this is partly due to the heavy use and sometimes rather harsh handling of these vehicles in daily delivery traffic. Added to this are poor care and inadequate maintenance.

Getting the swirl right

In general, it’s actually quite simple: If you want something to burn, you’ll need oxygen – otherwise the fire will extinguish itself in no time. The same applies to a combustion engine. The only difference is that a highly complex interplay of different, precisely harmonised components is required in order to optimally supply the engine with the air required for combustion.


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