Can’t get the door shut!

The onset of spring highlights the fact yet again: The grit applied to roads and paths in winter has left its mark on and inside the vehicle. Particularly affected by the dirt: the entry zones. In cars, the footwell and doors can still be easily cleaned. But things often look a little different for vans with sliding doors. This is because grit, salt, sand and other dirt, which tends to get stuck in the roller guides of the sliding doors during frequent loading and unloading, cause the rollers to wear out more quickly and the doors sometimes jam or become increasingly difficult to open and close.

Regular cleaning and lubricating the affected areas can help prevent this. In other cases: a great value replacement part from AIC will do the trick. We currently have 78 roller guides with and without brackets for 5.491 applications in our range.

Roller Guide, sliding door / AIC Item no: 52303


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