Springtime will shed some light on it

It might still be a little way to go until Easter before changing to summer tyres again in line with the “October to Easter” recommendation. However, many drivers are sure to be unpleasantly surprised again this year when completely worn splash shields come to light. These are often so badly corroded that they can hardly fulfil their task of protecting the brake discs, steering joint boots and ESP sensors.

This is hardly surprising, as they are exposed to the most adverse conditions, especially in winter. Road salt, splashing water and hot brake dust are always take a heavy toll on these components that are also often referred to as “backing plates”. It’s a good thing that, unlike most OE items, all AIC splash shields are galvanised and therefore effectively resist rust.

The demand for these spare parts will therefore soon be high again due to the season. AIC currently has 424 different plates in a wide variety of material types for 29,298 applications in its range. These AIC items are also available at great value-for-money terms – well below the usual OE prices. So, it is definitely worth taking a look at the product catalogue.


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