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From VW Golf to Lamborghini: Haldex all-wheel drive

At the end of the last millennium – so not so very long ago – most people certainly thought of “all-wheel drive” more in terms of rugged vehicles that could tear their way through rough terrain, such as Audi Quattro, Jeep or Land Rover, rather than sleek Italian luxury brands or nimble small cars on the road.

Turin design

It has been around two years since we included the OE manufacturer OLSA in our program with 265 high-quality lighting parts for a large number of vehicle uses and made them available for the aftermarket.

When too much is too much

Too much moisture is a major reason for problems with the integrated, highly complex electronic components of vehicle lighting. These include, among other things, the driver and the power module, the latter also called a ballast.

Hangin’ low

Low-riding cars may look cool to some people. However, if a defective air spring compressor, which is unable to supply the spring bellows with compressed air, is responsible for the low vehicle clearance, immediate action should be taken – after all, the driving stability of the entire car is now seriously impaired.

Leaky business

It's fair to say that when diesel enters the engine compartment, it can quickly turn into a huge mess. On top of that, a pungent smell will generally also spread throughout the car’s interior – something you don’t want to be exposed to for too long.


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