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He is not always to blame

Brake hoses are also classic wear parts that over time, can corrode, become porous, brittle and thus leak due to high levels of stress, fluctuating temperatures, moisture, dirt and salt. It's a good thing that AIC has great value replacements in its portfolio.

Staying in the fast lane

Tesla is not only booming in Germany, but also in Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. AIC now has more than 200 Tesla items in its range.

Who is keen on standing in front of a locked door?

It’s a common enough occurrence and no one is immune to it happening to them. Yet many motorists still feel uncomfortable when they need to seek professional help after accidentally locking their keys in the car.

Timing chain kits from iwis are a prime example of top quality

Timing chain kits from iwis are admittedly maintenance-free. But they too can wear out over the years.

Ever heard of Miesbach??

This small town of only around 12,000 inhabitants near the Austrian border is not only considered to be a centre of Bavarian traditional customs. It is also one of the highest-altitude towns in Germany (around 700 m above sea level). And this is probably also no small reason why the district bearing the same name is also the leader in terms of the proportion of cars with four-wheel drive.


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