A brand unlike any other

If you take a look at the overview of new vehicle registrations in Germany, you will notice that the colour “red” dominates. The majority of manufacturers had to report falling figures in 2020 and 2021. Not so TESLA: In 2020, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) reported an increase of 55.9% for the pioneers of electric mobility compared to the previous year. In 2021, the increase was even 137.9%. No doubt, the Californian brand, which delivered the first “Made in Germany” cars in March of this year, is entering the German market with a vengeance. Nevertheless, the first vehicles are also “coming out of warranty” from this comparatively very young supplier. And since AIC claims to offer spare parts for all current models from Europe and the USA, it is only logical to gradually include the relevant parts for this dynamic brand in the portfolio. We invite you to take a look at our spare parts catalogue or our new website www.aic-germany.de and discover the large selection offered for Tesla models.

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