At some point you’re all out of air

In the end, it all happens very quickly: A loud bang – and you’re out of air. Nothing works any more.

A charger intake hose, whose job it is to direct the charger air from the compressor to the intercooler and from there to the intake manifold flap, does not always have to burst to bring the vehicle to a standstill, however. Sometimes it may just have become porous or slipped off the flange because, for example, the locking lugs on the quick-release fasteners have corroded.

But it’s hardly surprising given the operating environment. In addition to very high temperatures and aggressive blow-by gases, the hose is also affected by vibrations and high boost pressure. In addition, the tensile forces on the hose may have changed after a long service life, causing it to tear at the point where the flange meets the fabric.

Be that as it may, there is nothing that can be repaired in the long term. Instead, the hose must be replaced, such as with a great value spare part from AIC.

We currently have 21 types for 1617 applications in our range. And by the way, if fastening clamps are required, we usually deliver them at the same time.

Charger air hose / AIC Item no: 58342


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