Hangin’ low

Low-riding cars may look cool to some people. However, if a defective air spring compressor, which is unable to supply the spring bellows with compressed air, is responsible for the low vehicle clearance, immediate action should be taken – after all, the driving stability of the entire car is now seriously impaired. Often, problems with the compressor become noticeable in advance through unusual noises such as a loud clicking, grinding or whining. Even though air compressors are supposed to last the life of the car, it is possible for a compressor to build up little or no pressure or become hot quickly and shut down.

Frequently, this is because other parts of the closed system, such as the air bellows or lines, are leaking. The compressor then tries to compensate for the air loss – overheating in the process. It is also possible that the condensation trap/filter is not working properly. Moisture and dirt then collect in the compressed air system, which can impair the efficiency of the compressor and lead to wear of the piston rings and corrosion.

In addition, it also cannot be ruled out that the cylinder tube may become blocked by penetrating dirt, causing the piston ring to wear out over time. The result is that the air is not pumped into the system, but flows past the piston. This means that the compressor does not achieve its full output, runs hot and stops pumping.

When replacing the compressor, it is important to always also replace the relay, as it too can wear out over time and become jammed (remanence relay). An old relay might not be able to control the new compressor properly – which could lead to premature failure of the component that has just been replaced. It could also void the warranty on the new unit. At AIC, we refer to the matching relay for the compressor in the catalogues, which, by the way, is not from Dunlop, but from ourselves.

Take a look, we have 37 different compressors for 1494 applications – of course always with installation instructions to prevent damage during installation and initial use.

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