From VW Golf to Lamborghini: Haldex all-wheel drive

At the end of the last millennium – so not so very long ago – most people certainly thought of “all-wheel drive” more in terms of rugged vehicles that could tear their way through rough terrain, such as Audi Quattro, Jeep or Land Rover, rather than sleek Italian luxury brands or nimble small cars on the road.

This all changed in the early 1990s when the Swedish automotive supplier Haldex developed the mechanically controlled multi-plate coupling for all-wheel drive – the Haldex coupling. This is because “Haldex all-wheel drive”, as it is often colloquially known, requires little space and is comparatively light. Both these features make it just as interesting for a Lamborghini as for a VW Golf.

Although the functionality of the “Haldex” has changed over the years, the principle of transmitting the drive force to the second axle only temporarily via a cardan shaft and oil pressure has remained the same. The integrated oil pump is a crucial component in the system. This is because it ensures proper lubrication of the moving parts, generates the required hydraulic pressure, assists with control and helps with heat dissipation.

If the pump is no longer working properly, this can result in reduced traction, a warning lighting up on the dashboard, strange noises, leaks, increased fuel consumption or overheating of the coupling. In addition to wear, a clogged filter in the coupling is often responsible for this. In such cases, AIC has a great value replacement. We currently have 10 pumps for the Haldex coupling for 1118 applications. The items can be found under the terms “Pump, multi-plate coupling all-wheel drive”.


Pump, all-wheel-drive coupling / AIC Item no: 74228


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