There is another way: Key housings in OE quality

Minor damage, major costs? That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. At least not if it’s a defective flip or folding key. They are actually quite robust. But if such a key passes through many hands – as is  the case, for example, with courier and care services or car hire companies – the housing can wear out over time. It‘s also posissble that a corner breaks off it the key falls. In both cases, there is a risk of moisture penetrating and affecting the sensitive electronics inside. In the worst case scenario, the car can then no longer be opened, let alone be started. In such cases, car workshops usually just replace the entire key, including the electronics. For key systems with radio control, this can quickly add up to 200 to 400 euros. Added to this is the downtime during which a hire car may be required. Last but not least, all keys belonging to the vehicle have to be relearned, otherwise they will no longer be recognised by the immobiliser and the engine will not start.

AIC has an effective remedy for such explosive costs: vehicle keys in OEM quality. The advantages: The costs are significantly lower because everything is converted or replaced 1:1. In addition, there is much less waiting time for the customer and the duplicate key is not needed as no programming is required. AIC currently has 51 key housings for 5,879 applications in its range. Just take a look at the spare parts catalogue.

Folding key housing in original equipment manufacturer quality from AIC Germany.


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