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Steering parts at AIC Germany

A simple principle with reliable handling: To this day, the rack-and-pinion steering system developed by Carl Benz is still the most commonly installed steering system in today's cars. But of course it takes more than just a rack and pinion to allow us to steer vehicles that weigh several tonnes on four wide tyres: Whether it’s the steering transmission, steering shaft, steering rod, tie rod ends, tie rods, axial joints, pleated linings... many components must work together very reliably. However, wear resulting from age, bumping into the kerb, general impacts and vibrations due to bad roads and/or dirt from a torn steering boot – the bellows are particularly susceptible here – take their toll time and again. A lack of oil or leaks due to outdated shaft seals and O-rings are also frequently the cause of a defect. In instances where the vehicle pulls to the left or right, the power steering can only be felt in one direction, or the steering wheel has increasing play, AIC Germany has the right solution. Our product range includes 344 steering-related items. By the way, not only for rack and pinion steering, but also for recirculating ball and worm steering. Just take a look at the spare parts catalogue.

Rod, stabilizer AIC Part No.: 73426; Wishbone AIC Part No.: 51344; Bracket, wishbone bearing AIC Part No.: 55824Set


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