Here today, there tomorrow

It’s time to hit the road again! That’s what millions of holidaymakers say to themselves each year as they head off in a camper van. It is not surprising that so many people choose this type of holiday, as they remain fast, flexible and free at all times.

No awkward manoeuvring like with a caravan and significantly fewer restrictions than when travelling in a motorhome: Camper vans are the ideal means of travel for a weekend trip to the seaside or a spontaneous around the country - all at a manageable cost.

For many years, the Fiat Ducato has been one of the most popular vehicles for this purpose. According to the German Caravanning Institute, the van, which has been built in Val di Sangro (Abruzzo), Italy, since the early 1980s, is considered the perfect basis for motorhomes. According to the institute, the vehicle is now produced in over 10,000 variants and sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.

That certainly sounds like quite a success story! By the way: For the Type 250, which has been available since 2006, we currently have 89 great value spare parts in our range – from the mirror indicator lights (53533 to 53536), which tend to get broken from time to time, to the oil pump set (59379Set) and the resistance interior fan (57622Set with plug and cable set). Take a look at the spare parts catalogue.

Holidays with a camper: fast, flexible and free


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