Who is keen on standing in front of a locked door?

It’s a common enough occurrence and no one is immune to it happening to them. Yet many motorists still feel uncomfortable when they need to seek professional help after accidentally locking their keys in the car. Moreover, with all their associated circuitry, many central locking systems cannot be easily opened.

On the other hand, if problems with the locking system have been apparent for some time, it’s important to act quickly. Otherwise, the door latch may eventually no longer engage and the door will have to be held shut by hand or secured with something else, like a rope. In addition, it is unclear whether a problematic door lock can still be easily opened in the event of an accident.

That’s why it is advisable to prevent a jammed door lock from occurring in the first place. This calls for regular maintenance, which thankfully, is not too time-consuming for a door lock. Simply apply a dash of oil to the lock from time to time and protect it from moisture as far as possible.

But if age-related wear and tear, dirt, moisture, frost and constant vibrations have already taken their toll on the lock, replacement is often the only remaining option. In such cases, AIC currently has 209 door locks for 31,564 applications in its range. Just take a quick look in the spare parts catalogue or on our website.

By the way: AIC now also has door locks for Tesla in its range.

Transmitter car key / AIC Item no: 57560


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