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A leak in the line

How can a fire break out in a moving passenger car? A short circuit is one possibility. However, it is often due to another reason.

See and be seen

Besides winter tyres, fully functional, correctly adjusted motor vehicle lights are the most important factors for good and accident-free driving in the dark, winter season. You can read about the diversity of AIC germany's product range here.

Don’t get caught out in the cold

Given the current energy prices, hardly anyone is hoping for a harsh winter at the moment. However, icy sub-zero temperatures not only increase heating costs, but also endanger the functionality and safety of vehicle technology.

Successful in Frankfurt

Almost like in old times? Even more so: When the automotive industry met in mid-September for the Automechanika in Frankfurt in Germany, everyone was thrilled. Finally, a gathering in the old format again - and without restrictions.

Time-tested! But not indestructible...

A simple principle with reliable handling: To this day, the rack-and-pinion steering system developed by Carl Benz is still the most commonly installed steering system in today's cars. But of course it takes more than just a rack and pinion to allow us to steer vehicles that weigh several tonnes on four wide tyres: Whether it’s the steering transmission, steering shaft, steering rod, tie rod ends, tie rods, axial joints, pleated linings...


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